About Me

Call me Athena. That is not my real name of course, but it will do for this blog. I have super religious relatives that may not like what we are talking about here.

I am a single mother of two who thinks that time in the bedroom is something far too many moms have far too little of. It also so happens that those two are girls and some questions about sex have come about lately which has me thinking even more about what we learned growing up as opposed to what we SHOULD have learned.

I am not exactly an "expert" on this subject. I do not claim to be the next Dr. Ruth. I do have many years of research under my belt (so to speak) when it come to the act of sex. It all started back in 1992 to be exact. Thirteen of these years I was married and 7 of those years I was pregnant or a mother. I was separated in 2009 and have been learning a bit about how sex is for a single mom for the last year. I also sell "marital aids" as a side business and what I haven't learned on my own I have learned from research for my home parties. And I even do a little online research to make sure I don't get anything wrong here.

Why did I pick the name Athena as my pseudonym instead of Aphrodite you ask? Athena is the goddess of wisdom and that is what this blog is truly about, knowing our bodies and desires.