Odds and Ends

-- My view on all sexual relationships is that anything goes between two consenting adults. If you, my reader, feels more comfortable viewing all these situations only within the confines of marriage then please do so. I do not wish to alienate anyone due to religious or moral beliefs. Sexual relations are important between all couples and I hope the information I provide with help build those relations.

-- Most of my discussions here will use the terms "husband" and "wife" or "mom:" and "dad." This not meant to imply that other household situations are less important. It is just easy for me to default to general terms rather than considering the many relationships that are possible.

-- This blog will likely have some information that may offend my more sensitive readers despite my above warnings. I do not mean to offend, but if I do I apologize in advance if I do. I will not, however,  censor the information I provide.

-- I am only personally experienced in some of the things that I am discussing. The rest I will be learning through research, both online and by talking with others. If I misrepresent something I am happy to learn how to correct my mistakes. Please send an email to me and I will edit anything that I get wrong or perhaps do not show enough sensitivity to.

-- If you are interested in guest authoring or giving me an interview on a topic that I am not familiar with please contact me. Same sex relationship, cultural issues, religious issues outside of mainstream Protestant Christianity, and other areas are things I do not know first hand, but I would love to have a well rounded blog with your help.

-- Suggestions for blog topics are always welcomed.

-- Email to mommiesneedlovetoo@hotmail.com . Please add subject heading ("Blog tip" or "Blog suggestion" etc...) so that I know it is not spam.